So, I write this book called “Left at the Altar: My Story of Hope and Healing for Every Woman Who Has Felt the Heartbreak of Rejection,” expecting to hear all kinds of stories from women about failed relationships.  I’m getting those emails, but guess who else I’ve been hearing  a lot from? You guessed it…men. I just want to say to all the guys out there who’ve been sharing their own stories heartbreak that I”m sorry we excluded you from the title. You get hurt too and I think we females need to remember that.  Unfortunately we tend to think breakups don’t affect you like they affect us. Clearly, from what you’ve been telling me they do.

I actually devoted a whole chapter in the book to men. Not men who’ve been ‘dumped,’ but the men who do the ‘dumping.’ I needed to include it because of what I said above—that women have this (false) idea that you don’t get torn up about these things like we do.  I believe you do, to varying degrees, depending on how long the relationship was going on and how much you had invested in it. I just hope and pray that chapter sheds some light on what men are feeling when they end relationships, because women need to understand it so they don’t feel so icky. We all need to keep in mind, as one of the guys I interviewed said, we’re all trying to figure out this love thing together.

But tonight I”m talking about the men on the other end…the ones who’ve been rejected.  I just need to tell you that I get it. I know your hearts break just like ours do.  And I want you to know that the principals I talk about in the book that is marketed to women are equally as applicable to YOU. I want you to know all the amazing things I learned from my terrible experience, too! Yes, it may sound like  a ‘chick book.’ But as I told one man…just put a paper bag over the cover if you’re out in public.