I realize this is ironic, coming from the woman who just wrote a book called “Left at the Altar,” but ladies, please, give Jason, the Bachelor, a break. Cyberspace is flooded today with so much anger and loathing for someone who did something, that, in my opinion, was pretty noble.

I’ve got perhaps one of the most unique perspectives on this a person could have. I’ve been in Melissa’s shoes and I can also understand Jason’s point-of-view, based on my own story.

First, not only can I imagine how Melissa’s feeling today, I know exactly how she’s feeling. Having your engagement called off and your heart broken by someone you love is horrible enough. But having it done so publicly is especially excruciating. She’s dealing with such sadness today coupled by the fact that the whole world saw the whole embarrassing thing. She can take some solice in the fact that she’s getting the better end of the internet chatter (same thing happend to me) which, hopefully is a little comfort.

But Jason is hurting today, too. Think about it. He could have done what every other Bachelor has done and called off the engagement after the cameras stopped rolling when no one was looking. Instead, he opted to stand up, be a man, end the relationship before things went any further, all while knowing the kind of public heat he was going to take. That took a lot of courage.

I had the same sort of public humiliation and heartbreak. At the time I couldn’t believe my fiance could have such bad timing. It took a long time to see this, but trust me when I tell you that I am so thankful today that he ended it at the altar rather than wait until after we were married. And one day, Melissa will be able to say that too.

The real winner in all this? ABC, which had unbelievable ratings Monday night. Proof, once again, that you can’t write stories better than what happens in real life.